Dear space travelers,

It’s after a 2-day epic aboard my Ford Transit ship that I am amarsi (landed on Mars). It is a planet with a generous sun, a completely swimmable sea full of colorful fish just like our good old earth. A true paradise. The locals were rather very welcoming. With my co-expeditioners, we made them welcome by a good teuf at home fashion accomodated with local fruits that we asked them to bring and they call here oringes, citrongs, pômmes, melongs, etc. … and here is the flyer.

Then the first expedition led us to Pontempeyrat in one of the many “pole” (hello Jean-Georges) that I call this because we are well curdled; especially in their little wheeled houses which they rightly call “caravans” or “caravans”. After learning to climb walls and trees, we continued to challenge the laws of weightlessness with a spectacular “wandering”. That said, their welcome was at the height of our feelings. Extraordinary.

We ended up going back to the base where the sun and everything that went with it had not moved. I am currently learning to use their various means of communication that I will have to tame quickly if I want to continue to feed this “blog” (I swear to you that’s how they say). Fortunately the instructors from another part of the planet (Brittany) are patient!