We have to spend a time to feel, after the notation, comes the visualization … We have portions that will define the joints from which we create the movements. The center of gravity moves according to the sum of a whole. Walk instinctively respecting the biped relationship. Torsion of the hips opposite the torsion of the shoulders. A look, an anatomy that has become artisticomedical. DANSEM: Art of playing with the imbalance, we set in motion. Put a mood in the intention.

Then outside, ROUND 2, concrete / bitumen version. In this angle at 90 ° we meet the ground, we stick to the gravels and attracted on the vertical plane. The perception opens then, the ground becomes sky. The umbrella as support for our bodies. Its concrete breathes, the pores open, we support them (thoughts to Corbusier). Angular tension, orthonormal, I know.

By group of 5, exploration of a space “para-sol” We invest the bridge for a proposal. Shadows are drawn, foreign bodies, floating, monkey and co. Seasickness, the silhouettes stagger, the captain takes us overboard, storm, before our passengers are arranged for a descent into hell. Strict then desyncronized, the disc is scratched. Emergency work, external looks crossed, iron, cold crisp our movements, the metal resonates and the bodies articulate.