Arrival at St Gaudens, the marathon continues, horse riding event, I put my stuff at Haras. Relais Stéphanie de Pronomades, direction Encausses. 2 minibuses, 15 other people. Aspet on a Panel, they settle down. Jeunets from Spain, cherry trees. It’s humid. Reading the HOrizone project. Salad. Camille a capela in concert in a cloister. Back in my studio glass, solo, it’s cold.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ….

Meeting of 20 other personalities, their universes … The collective! Put on her trainee cap, available, volunteer I’m ready! empty the semi, dispatch on the site “Cabanac Cazou”. Green as far as the eye can see, flowers, buzzards, air, the Pyrenees in the background. observe, listen to meet, imbibe. Then begins a work of implementation of pre-thought elements, prefabricated for the most part. This is their last home on this project.


It’s physical, kilometers run underfoot. Meeting, tension, reflection, we take on, but here too TRY and TRUST and it’s nice! The collective still exists, admiring, I breathe … Feeling a group in all its complexity, listen to it, understand it. The feeling of knowing them already, wanting to jump into their arms, I hold back. Assembly, construction, laboratory, tests. The dandelions invade little by little the fields which surround us. Meeting Discussion. Long, tedious moments. Some decisions are left in suspense or handed over at random, to the accident. Operation and logistics seem familiar to me. Transportation, accommodation, binomial beef, or guarding the site for lunch and dinner.

To go forward without references, to try, to search, together. No need to be parasitized by what is done. You do not have to see everything and know what’s happening where and how in the street arts. Make

Pronomades with a radical approach, right and forward!

Zur redraws a landscape, theirs. Like painters they give a new color to this horizon. Contemplation, framing, composing, diverting, recomposing, opening, shifting, inviting to a new reading. Pages turn and we enter the changing space, until we reach a peak. The scale is changing. And the look flies away.