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Welcome to the logbook of the apprentices of the third promotion of the FAI AR. This site, made up of 15 blogs self-managed by the Apprentices of the FAI AR offers you their view on the different experiences and stages lived throughout their training course.

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Logbook available to all, powered by images, videos, sound recordings and stories of all kinds, this site allows to follow the impressions of each Apprentice, to learn about their news but also to get in touch with them or maintain a link and react via the forums allowing the submission of comments.

The Trainees

We want to make sure that what we put up gets you prepared for what is yet to come.


The course of the first promotion FAI AR began with an immersion in Marseille and a meeting with the inhabitants of the City of Street Arts, epicenter of the training. The Hostellerie de Pontempeyrat, former inn in the middle of the forest in the center of France was the counterpoint of the second week dedicated to the meeting of other Apprentices and the teaching team.

The Programmatic Content Covered

  • The scriptures
  • The Documentary Research
  • The Scenographic Object
  • The Projected Images

Why Choose a Street Arts Skills Training Workshop?

We can give individuals an opportunity to grow as an individual.

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5 Benefits of Multimedia Technology

You might be a bit of a Luddite in the sense that you don’t want the tech revolution to overtake us. That’s fine that you are not eager to have a completely robotic and AI-based society. However, you might be surprised that there are some good things about the new technology that is upon us. The following are five benefits of multimedia technology:

Your Children Might Learn Better

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Notes in Post-Sensation

We have to spend a time to feel, after the notation, comes the visualization … We have portions that will define the joints from which we create the movements. The center of gravity moves according to the sum of a whole. Walk instinctively respecting the biped relationship. Torsion of the hips opposite the torsion of the shoulders. A look, an anatomy that has become artisticomedical. DANSEM: Art of playing with the imbalance, we set in motion. Put a mood in the intention.

Then outside, ROUND 2, concrete / bitumen version. In this angle at 90 ° we meet the ground, we stick to the gravels and attracted on the vertical plane. The perception opens then, the ground becomes sky. The umbrella as support for our bodies. Its concrete breathes, the pores open, we support them (thoughts to Corbusier). Angular tension, orthonormal, I know.

By group of 5, exploration of a space “para-sol” We invest the bridge for a proposal. Shadows are drawn, foreign bodies, floating, monkey and co. Seasickness, the silhouettes stagger, the captain takes us overboard, storm, before our passengers are arranged for a descent into hell. Strict then desyncronized, the disc is scratched. Emergency work, external looks crossed, iron, cold crisp our movements, the metal resonates and the bodies articulate.

Safe Arrival

Dear space travelers,

It’s after a 2-day epic aboard my Ford Transit ship that I am amarsi (landed on Mars). It is a planet with a generous sun, a completely swimmable sea full of colorful fish just like our good old earth. A true paradise. The locals were rather very welcoming. With my co-expeditioners, we made them welcome by a good teuf at home fashion accomodated with local fruits that we asked them to bring and they call here oringes, citrongs, pômmes, melongs, etc. … and here is the flyer.

Then the first expedition led us to Pontempeyrat in one of the many “pole” (hello Jean-Georges) that I call this because we are well curdled; especially in their little wheeled houses which they rightly call “caravans” or “caravans”. After learning to climb walls and trees, we continued to challenge the laws of weightlessness with a spectacular “wandering”. That said, their welcome was at the height of our feelings. Extraordinary.

We ended up going back to the base where the sun and everything that went with it had not moved. I am currently learning to use their various means of communication that I will have to tame quickly if I want to continue to feed this “blog” (I swear to you that’s how they say). Fortunately the instructors from another part of the planet (Brittany) are patient!

Misery Experience at Prontompeyrat

Oh, my dear! We are in: Prontompeyrat height meridia34º latitud 4º parallel we need reinforcements!
I set up our small headquarters in a small caravan in the middle of the wood where we are entrenched, which the OB has given us (impartial observers of this war) that we have appointed a small foreign consulate. For the time being, it is difficult to move between the enemy lines, the bombardments are constant and almost limit ourselves to blowing the offensives, they are more numerous, they have all-of-a-kind technology to unleash, slangs, clichés, archetypes, jokes, There are countless adjectives, they know the territory, they know the culture, they are fast, and they know what these goats are doing! We have a small dictionary of a thousand words and two faces already studied that help us to disguise our forbearing and to enter the enemy: the first is the face of understanding and from time to time say some oui, oui, The second side is to show a smile, but this one is not always useful and risky because it is sometimes decontextualized and you might look like a real conard! how they say! so we ask for the incorporation of troops, technology tools or psychological help to avenge more points of attack, better defend the French blog, and be able to take initiatives that are currently dismissed for the most part by our general who is in In a panic of panic when I find myself in a totally unknown battlefield, on the other hand, the OB tries to mediate in favor of all, do not know if to achieve peace or to endanger the war since they have given us a manual called the ” art of this and another which is the evil intelligence! to find a solution to the conflict? I do not know ?, and that is why we are at prontompeyrat, Neutral ground, where we are doing exercises of confidence through climbing, Indian rituals, group therapies, perhaps a little precipitated, because it is still early to open the customs according to which borders, and enter the search for the intimates that happen in everything present moment It may seem like a sect at a given time, although the efforts of the OB have been fruitful, it is not enough, then we continue to be attacked, surprise attacks, ambushes, enclosures, frontal and unilateral attacks that make us feel Castrated and in a weak position, for the moment our soldiers are enthusiastic, but for days they do not see their respective gifts and they begin to see signs of improper masturbation, as well as the general has chosen to impose the order of ‘be connected to facebook.

Carefully from Prontompeyrat I am greeted by the chief captain of the 4th assault squad of the 8th division of the foreign alliance of the beast and be, all other ranks, also because I am the only representative of the alliance. . ..

I discovered myself thanks to an infiltrator that I can not say, its a mistake and I think I have verified it: what goes?
ours this month is: good continuation! shit !!!! They are attacking us right now, the informational professor! I have to cut the connection !!!!!!!!

Spontaneous COperation

Arrival at St Gaudens, the marathon continues, horse riding event, I put my stuff at Haras. Relais Stéphanie de Pronomades, direction Encausses. 2 minibuses, 15 other people. Aspet on a Panel, they settle down. Jeunets from Spain, cherry trees. It’s humid. Reading the HOrizone project. Salad. Camille a capela in concert in a cloister. Back in my studio glass, solo, it’s cold.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ….

Meeting of 20 other personalities, their universes … The collective! Put on her trainee cap, available, volunteer I’m ready! empty the semi, dispatch on the site “Cabanac Cazou”. Green as far as the eye can see, flowers, buzzards, air, the Pyrenees in the background. observe, listen to meet, imbibe. Then begins a work of implementation of pre-thought elements, prefabricated for the most part. This is their last home on this project.


It’s physical, kilometers run underfoot. Meeting, tension, reflection, we take on, but here too TRY and TRUST and it’s nice! The collective still exists, admiring, I breathe … Feeling a group in all its complexity, listen to it, understand it. The feeling of knowing them already, wanting to jump into their arms, I hold back. Assembly, construction, laboratory, tests. The dandelions invade little by little the fields which surround us. Meeting Discussion. Long, tedious moments. Some decisions are left in suspense or handed over at random, to the accident. Operation and logistics seem familiar to me. Transportation, accommodation, binomial beef, or guarding the site for lunch and dinner.

To go forward without references, to try, to search, together. No need to be parasitized by what is done. You do not have to see everything and know what’s happening where and how in the street arts. Make

Pronomades with a radical approach, right and forward!

Zur redraws a landscape, theirs. Like painters they give a new color to this horizon. Contemplation, framing, composing, diverting, recomposing, opening, shifting, inviting to a new reading. Pages turn and we enter the changing space, until we reach a peak. The scale is changing. And the look flies away.

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